Frequently Asked Questions

How did the club start?

First State Mustang Club was started by Jeniene Barker in 1982. At that time, it was just a Mustang club meeting in a garage. Along with the first official member, Dick Steininger, also a member of the Brandywine Motorsports Club, it was off to a good start. The Club became a sanctioned member of the Mustang Club of America and also became incorporated. The Club survived as a Mustang-only organization until the early nineties when membership numbers suffered. Rick Langshaw, who was president at the time, added Fords to the membership and the Club was reborn and thriving again as the First State Mustang and Ford Club.

How do I get a ‘Invitation Code’?

In order to get a ‘Invitation Code’ you must be a registered and paid member of the First State Mustang and Ford Club. If you meet these criteria and you still haven’t received you invite code, please contact us or mention this at the next club meeting.

How Do I Join the Club?

Joining the First State Mustang and Ford Club is very simple. Print and fill out our membership application then send it to FSM&F Club- 600 Smyrna Ave Wilmington, DE 19809-1122 with $20 enclosed. Once your application has been processed you will receive an email with your information and  ‘Invitation Code’.

How Do I Register?

Click the link at the top of the website called ‘Register’.

This will take you to our registration page, here you will fill out all the necessary info in order to add you to are system. Then, press the ‘Complete Sign Up’ button at the end of the form.


Finally, you will be asked to verify the email address you provided. Please check your email and follow the steps enclosed.

Now you are registered with the First State Mustang and Ford Club website.